Pattern Release: Hooded Braided Cable Baby Sleeping Bag

I have just released a new pattern for some winter knitting and will soon have some other patterns to add to the Sleeping Bag collection.

This pattern was inspired by one of customers who is due to have her baby at the end of the fall and wanted something to keep her little one warm in the winter. We looked a variety of patterns but they weren’t quite right so I set out to make my own.

To make the sleeping bag you need one large skein of about 300 grams of Aran acrylic wool or by 3 smaller 100 gram ones instead. By using acrylic wool you will have a nice stretch in the garment which will potentially last baby a little longer depending on their growth rate.

This pattern will fit a little one with a height of approximately 25 – 27″ with a little room of movement, extra blankets or cuddly toys.

The front of the pattern has three braided cables for decoration and the back has one on each side which leaves the back smooth for better comfort for baby.

To purchase an instant download of this pattern please head over to my Etsy Shop.

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Pattern: Reversible Rice Stitch Beanie Hat Pattern

Winter is one step closer this week so I have been delving into the yarn stash to make some new hats and I thought I would come up with a design to match my Rice Stitch Hand-Warmers.

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How To Knit The Rice Stitch

The Rice Stitch Is a great textured pattern for beginners and more experienced knitters too.  The basics of this textured pattern is all based around the knit and purl stitches and in which combination you use them. In this tutorial I will take you through how to create this stitch both on straight needles/working flat and in the round.

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How To Crochet Multiple Pineapple Motifs

This article is based on a follow-up on another article titled How To Crochet The Pineapple Stitch where I gave you a tutorial on making a single pineapple motif that you could use as an applique or make multiple single motifs and sew them together into a larger project.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to take the basis of the single pineapple motif and work it into multiples so that you don’t have to sew a whole bunch of them together.

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How To Knit The Seed Stitch

Moss Stitch swatch

The Seed Stitch (frequently referred to as Moss Stitch) is a great stitch for beginners because you will be using the two basic stitches that every knitter knows: knit stitch and purl stitch. It’s a fantastic introduction to textured patterns and eases new knitters into more interesting patterns and textures.

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How To Crochet The Pineapple Stitch

The Pineapple Motif has been around for a very long  time and is considered to be a vintage addition to the art of crochet. This simple little pattern is very versatile in that it can be used for a wide variety of applications such as applique work using crochet thread and multiple pineapples to make shawls and blankets.

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Slouch Cable & Moss Beanie Hat Pattern

With Autumn looming around the corner and Winter fast on its way too I decided it was time for a new hat (and to use up some of my stash so I could later by more yarn) and so I came up with this cosy little pattern. By using a DK weight yarn you’ll get a fairly light hat but if you want to get a thick and dense feel then you can easily switch over to a chunkier wool on the same needles to get that effect,

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Bamboo Stitch Beanie Hat Pattern

Beanie Hat

The Bamboo stitch is one of my favourite stitch to use for items designed for colder weather just like this beanie hat.

This particular design is adjustable for babies up to an XL adult size using DK weight yarn but if you want it a little chunkier you can go up to worsted or chunky yarn and it will work just fine.

If you want to crack on and get the pattern then follow the buy now button below. Otherwise carry on reading for some extra detail on what you’ll need for the pattern and how to knit the bamboo stitch.

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