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Arrow Eyelet Hand-Warmer Knitted Pattern

I have designed a new hand-warmer to keep the chill out in the Autumn months or to wear inside on those cold December days and the office heating just isn’t quite up to scratch. Having passed the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year (in the UK) it is time for us organised knitters to start planning ahead for those cooler months.

This pattern is fairly simple and is designed for Advanced Beginners and Intermediate knitters in mind. There are only four types of stitches that you need to know:

  1. Knit
  2. Purl
  3. Yarn Over (y/o)
  4. Knit two together (k2tog)

By combing the yarn over and knit two together stitch types you can create a hole in the yarn, which when staggered can create interesting decorative patterns in your work: bring forth the Arrow Eyelet Hand-Warmers.

If you would like to go head and purchase the pattern straight away then please use the “buy now” button, otherwise carry on reading to see what tools and materials I used to create these hand-warmers.

Tools & Materials:

These hand-warmers are great for using up small skeins of yarn that have been sat in your stash for a while. For making two hand-warmers you can easily use a skein of 50g and still have some left over. The yarn that I have used for multiple productions of this pattern have all been from:

Other tools that you will need are:

Now that you know just what you’ll need to make these delightful hand-warmers you’ll need the pattern so go ahead and buy now.


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