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Free Pattern: How To Make The Baby Bamboo Beanie Hat

With winter on its way the little ones are going to need some extra warmth when outside and the Baby Bamboo Beanie Hat fits the bill perfectly. I would like to give you a free copy of my Bamboo Beanie Hat Pattern in the baby size as an early Christmas present so that you can get… Read More Free Pattern: How To Make The Baby Bamboo Beanie Hat

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Pattern Release: Hooded Braided Cable Baby Sleeping Bag

I have just released a new pattern for some winter knitting and will soon have some other patterns to add to the Sleeping Bag collection. This pattern was inspired by one of customers who is due to have her baby at the end of the fall and wanted something to keep her little one warm… Read More Pattern Release: Hooded Braided Cable Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby, Hats, Knitting, Pattern

Pattern: Reversible Rice Stitch Beanie Hat Pattern

Winter is one step closer this week so I have been delving into the yarn stash to make some new hats and I thought I would come up with a design to match my Rice Stitch Hand-Warmers. Please follow and like us:

Baby, Hats, Pattern

Little Twists Baby Hat Pattern

This is a lovely quick knit hat pattern for children aged 3 months – 10 years. This pattern is all based around twisted knit stitches to create columns of little twisters that all meet up at the crown of the head. The pattern can be adjusted for adults but it is not included in the pattern but… Read More Little Twists Baby Hat Pattern

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Moss Blocks Baby Blanket

Baby season seems like it’s always here, or as it’s known in my office “Oh, another one came along” (we have a lot of Mummies). Come the Summer time though you’ll be seeing all those fresh cheeked babies out in their strollers with their parents and they’ll be needing a little something to keep them… Read More Moss Blocks Baby Blanket