How To Crochet The Pineapple Stitch

The Pineapple Motif has been around for a very long  time and is considered to be a vintage addition to the art of crochet. This simple little pattern is very versatile in that it can be used for a wide variety of applications such as applique work using crochet thread and multiple pineapples to make shawls and blankets.

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How To Knit The Bamboo Stitch

Tension on bamboo stitch

The Bamboo Stitch is one of my favourite stitches to use in many of my projects. When worked with thicker yarn such as worsted, Aran, or chunky you get a really cozy fabric knit up really quickly and when using lighter yarns such as sport weight or fingering you create an airy fabric that’s great for Spring or Summer items.

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How To Pick Up A Dropped Stitch


Repairing Ladders:

How many times have you looked at your work and suddenly realised you’ve got the wrong stitch count and look to discover that you’ve dropped a stitch a few rows down now making a lovely ladder effect? There’s that moment when you wonder if you should rip everything back to below the dropped stitch or try to recover it. If you have only dropped a single stitch  then this article is for you as it’s easy to fix. However, if you have got multiple stitches that have dropped in succession or they are in a complex pattern (i.e cables) then you may be better off ripping out your work to before the mistake and correcting from there.

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How To Relax Yarn After Frogging

Recycling Yarn For New Projects

As with any project you will undoubtedly decide to rip it out entirely at some point or another. This can be for many reasons which I wont go into here but the important result is that  you can recycle that yarn you have just frogged and save yourself some money as you wont have to buy new yarn.

Stressed Yarn
Stressed yarn that needs relaxing

If you have ever undone a piece of work you will notice that the yarn has kinks in it where it has held the shape of the stitch. Now while this can be fine if you’re going to make a new piece with the same needle or hook size with the same tension, 99% of the time it can cause havoc with your tension and make your work look off if you don’t relax the yarn again. So, no matter what it is you’re recycling the yarn for I will always highly recommend un-kinking or relaxing the yarn before you do anything with it.

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How To Start Double Knitting: 7 Common Problems With Answers

Reversible Knitting

Reversible Knitting Problems & Answers

Double Knitting Tips For Beginners

Also known as reversible knitting this technique allows you to make two connected layers of fabric at a time. It’s great for any type of garment you want to potentially wear on either side, or for garments you will end up seeing both sides of anyway: hats, gloves, scarves/shawls, cardigans, blankets.

Having recently learnt how to do double knitting it is still fresh in my mind all the things I wish I had known before I picked up the pattern. Reversible knitting has some unique methods you will need to follow which don’t always correspond to the usual techniques found in regular knitting and this is what I want to pick up on for all those other beginners. Trust me, it will make life easier for you once you know about these 7 common problems and questions new double knitters face.

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Rip It Out Before You Tear It Out: How To Correct Knitting Mistakes

So you’ve been knitting for a while and managed to get a good-sized chunk of that section done but when you look down and inspect your work you realize that you’ve made a mistake! Maybe it was getting your tension wrong and now your knitted piece is too big or too small, it  could be that you have missed out a stitch or two in a pattern repeat or you have somehow managed to decrease and increase in random places and that has now ruined your stitch count. However it happened it’s unlikely you’ll be able to repair it easily but you don’t want to lose everything that you’ve already made.

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An Introduction To Knitting Needles

The Tools Of The Trade

There is such a variety of knitting needles available on the market it can be hard for a beginner (and also seasoned knitters) to choose which type of needle you should be picking for your project.

As your needles will play a big role in the success of your project it’s vital that you chose the right one, preferably the first time. I will be going through all of the different types of knitting needles commonly available to help you make those important decisions.

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How To Block Acrylic Yarn

Steaming acrylic yarns for a professional look

Taking Your Acrylic Projects To The Next Level

I love to work with acrylic yarns for many reasons but the top two are because projects made with them tend to hold their shape well when finished and the yarn is generally inexpensive. However, it is difficult to get acrylic projects looking professional because you cannot block them in the usual way.

After many of my failed attempts I came across another method which has saved many a project and made them into a high quality finished piece which my customers have loved.

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