How To Relax Yarn After Frogging

Recycling Yarn For New Projects

As with any project you will undoubtedly decide to rip it out entirely at some point or another. This can be for many reasons which I wont go into here but the important result is that  you can recycle that yarn you have just frogged and save yourself some money as you wont have to buy new yarn.

Stressed Yarn
Stressed yarn that needs relaxing

If you have ever undone a piece of work you will notice that the yarn has kinks in it where it has held the shape of the stitch. Now while this can be fine if you’re going to make a new piece with the same needle or hook size with the same tension, 99% of the time it can cause havoc with your tension and make your work look off if you don’t relax the yarn again. So, no matter what it is you’re recycling the yarn for I will always highly recommend un-kinking or relaxing the yarn before you do anything with it.

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