Gloves, Pattern

Arrow Eyelet Hand-Warmer Knitted Pattern

I have designed a new hand-warmer to keep the chill out in the Autumn months or to wear inside on those cold December days and the office heating just isn’t quite up to scratch. Having passed the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year (in the UK) it is time for us organised knitters… Read More Arrow Eyelet Hand-Warmer Knitted Pattern

Baby, Hats, Pattern

Little Twists Baby Hat Pattern

This is a lovely quick knit hat pattern for children aged 3 months – 10 years. This pattern is all based around twisted knit stitches to create columns of little twisters that all meet up at the crown of the head. The pattern can be adjusted for adults but it is not included in the pattern but… Read More Little Twists Baby Hat Pattern

Baby, Blankets, Pattern

Moss Blocks Baby Blanket

Baby season seems like it’s always here, or as it’s known in my office “Oh, another one came along” (we have a lot of Mummies). Come the Summer time though you’ll be seeing all those fresh cheeked babies out in their strollers with their parents and they’ll be needing a little something to keep them… Read More Moss Blocks Baby Blanket

Pattern, Socks

Free Textured Beginner Sock Pattern

Socks For Beginners Socks are a great way to build your skills as a knitter because they have a standard construction which you can build on to make a unique version of the vanilla sock. This sock is going to use a combination of knits and purls to make a staggered moss stick pattern for… Read More Free Textured Beginner Sock Pattern