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Pattern Release: Hooded Braided Cable Baby Sleeping Bag

I have just released a new pattern for some winter knitting and will soon have some other patterns to add to the Sleeping Bag collection.

This pattern was inspired by one of customers who is due to have her baby at the end of the fall and wanted something to keep her little one warm in the winter. We looked a variety of patterns but they weren’t quite right so I set out to make my own.

To make the sleeping bag you need one large skein of about 300 grams of Aran acrylic wool or by 3 smaller 100 gram ones instead. By using acrylic wool you will have a nice stretch in the garment which will potentially last baby a little longer depending on their growth rate.

This pattern will fit a little one with a height of approximately 25 – 27″ with a little room of movement, extra blankets or cuddly toys.

The front of the pattern has three braided cables for decoration and the back has one on each side which leaves the back smooth for better comfort for baby.

To purchase an instant download of this pattern please head over to my Etsy Shop.

Skills Needed:

To successfully make this pattern you will need to know the basics of knitting and also how to make a braided cable, knit a button-band, and do the kitchener stitch. If you need any help with these techniques then please review the below materials:

How To Knit The Braided Cable: instructions on making a single braided cable.

How To Make a Button-Hole Band

How To Do The Kitchener Stitch

Tools Needed:

You will need the following materials and tools to make this pattern. Feel free to check the products I used below (affiliate links included) or use your own if you already have some favourites:

You now have everything you will need to get on and make the pattern. To purchase the pattern please get the instant download from my Etsy Shop: RelaxingWithYarn.

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